Nursing facility injects change into program

October 6, 2015

By Giovanny Castillo

Due to the increase in student interest, the nursing program has made several changes to its curriculum. The competitive but rewarding program only accepted 48 students this year. The new changes offer a variety of new and interesting options for students.

Nursing faculty collaborate with hospitals in the area to get students placed into clinical practicums. These practicums help students gain skills such as competence and confidence in the work force. In addition to hiring tutors, the nursing department has purchased simulators to give students the ability to interact with a life-like hospital setting.

Nursing student Arielle McComb said, “I am excited that there is more diversity among the faculty. Everyone has different backgrounds and specialties, which translates to new and innovative teaching styles.”

The nursing program is looking to hold a reception for their students in May. It will most likely take place in the chapel where they will be giving out pins with the nursing logo and end with a blessing.