New semester, same nagging problems around campus

By Jackie Glosniak

January 28, 2014

You know what really grinds my gears?

The fact that Chartwells still continues to provide students with limited food options. Milk was spoiled a few weeks ago and one day during the middle of dinner, I was told that the cooks ran out of meatloaf. I would understand if it was the end of dinner, but the Dining Hall was literally only one hour into their dining hours.

What’s up with that? At least provide us with another meat option, like maybe some chicken without all of the overwhelming seasonings or ground beef and rice that does not have more salt content than nutritional value. Friends of mine have complained about watery eggs, stale bagels, wilted lettuce and vegetables doused in an overwhelming amount sauces. There have been countless instances when students have complained about getting sick from the food, either from it being undercooked or simply not of a good quality.

For the amount of money that students pay for the meal plan, it truly is unacceptable that Dining Services continues to offer horrible options that are unhealthy, unappetizing and unsatisfying. Nine out of 10 times when I leave the Dining Hall, I leave frustrated that I either had to eat cereal for dinner because of the lack of quality food options or because I had to waste another meal exchange minutes later in the Cyber. After eating here the past four years, it still puzzles me why the Dining Hall just can’t serve what I consider staple foods, including burgers, plain pasta and sauce options, lightly seasoned chicken and skirt steaks. 

What about that carpet on the west entrance of the Coughlin Commons? Thank you, maintenance staff, for thinking about safety first and placing fabric rugs on the floor to avoid students from slipping. However, I find it disgusting and unhealthy the rugs seem to rarely be replaced even when they are soaked and strongly smell like mold. I’m no expert, but that mold can’t be good to breathe, especially if the soaked rugs have been there for days and the smell becomes stagnant.

Speaking of mold, I have also seen mold on ceiling tiles on Coughlin 2 and 3. I understand these problems will be fixed this summer when the floors are renovated, but how does maintenance not check up on this when they do their daily cleanings and “inspections?” Showers in Coughlin and Power Halls consistently experience problems as well, including flooded drains and either scalding or freezing water coming out of the showerheads. I understand these are aging buildings, but for these problems to last for months at a time without getting fixed is simply unacceptable, especially considering the great expenses students spend on living in the residence halls.

I have also heard from students their frustration about the fitness center not being consistent about their opening times. I would like to thank the university for providing me with a free space to exercise daily. However, for students who wish to work out before they start their busy days, how about we work on opening the fitness center at 8 a.m. as stated right outside the facility? It is unacceptable for student workers to show up late to work and not open the center on time, thus making it difficult for students to work out for a place they pay tuition to help keep running.

Another tip, maybe it is time to clean the area where the spray bottles are located. The hand sanitizer ledge they rest upon looks filthy and moldy, and I never want to touch those handles after I see the mess they rest in.

Finally, as a senior and an RA, I would like to remind students of how irritating it is to hear students complain of how Dominican is boring, yet not really do much to change that. If you are bored on campus, then go join a club or organization, make friends, go to the many off-campus locations in the Oak Park area or downtown and take advantage of the many programs the university sponsors weekly.

I love Dominican and the people I have met and opportunities I have had, but let’s try to clean up our acts a little bit. I want to enjoy my food, be in a clean environment, receive clear information and hear people talk about how much fun they have every week.