50 years later, Coughlin Hall renovated

By Dana Bitto  

September 4, 2013

When a building gets a facelift for the first time in nearly 50 years, it is sure to receive much buzz and excitement.

Over the summer, the highly anticipated renovation of the first floor of Coughlin Hall was completed just in time for over 40 freshmen to move in on August 23. Instead of chipped blue and white walls, students are now greeted by walls with a fresh coat of tan paint.

The floors throughout were also completely redone, with the old carpet and tiles ripped out and replaced with faux wood. New water fountains were installed, along with hallway lights that dim every evening at 10 to conserve energy.

The inside of the rooms featured several notable improvements as well, including faux granite countertops, new sinks, wooden vanities, new bedframes and armoires, and new mattresses. The community bathrooms also received a new paint job, new toilets, and motion-activated sinks.

Besides the halls and the dorm rooms being renovated, the laundry rooms even received a much-needed upgrade as well. Energy efficient washers and dryers were installed not only in Coughlin but also in all residence halls, with students now having the option to pay for their laundry with either quarters or debit and credit cards. Through the Mac Gray laundry system website and mobile app, residents are able to virtually track their laundry and see which machines are available.

Coughlin Hall desperately needed the improvements, with many of the furniture in the rooms having countless scratches, cracked doors, and even falling tiles from years of resident use and damage.

Molly Dettmann, junior and former Coughlin 1 Resident Assistant, said the hall used to fit the negative stereotype of a freshman dorm.

“Students have new and modern rooms to call home for the years to come, and parents feel better about paying so much for on-campus housing,” Dettmann said. “Now, they are truly getting their money’s worth.”

Coughlin 1 is reserved for female freshmen, but other students will soon be able to enjoy renovations on the second and third floors of Coughlin Hall.

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Amy McCormack said that by the end of August 2015, all of Coughlin will be remodeled in the same style.

“This is the first significant renovation in Coughlin Hall since its construction in 1960,” McCormack said.  “The first floor was done this summer so that all of the students could see what is to come, and prospective students can see what the finished building will look like.”

Director of Residence Life Robert Babcock reiterated that the renovations were beneficial and greatly welcomed.

“Coughlin needed to be renovated after years of wear and tear,” he said. “I think any improvements can help with increasing enrollment.”