Dominican students protest during “Weekend of Resistance”

By Cruz Rodriguez

ST. LOUIS – A handful of Dominican students traveled on Oct. 11 to march in a peaceful protest over recent events in Ferguson, Mo. The march began in Ferguson and ended in downtown St. Louis where a number of speakers spoke about police brutality, economic justice and Michael Brown.

The weekend’s protests dubbed “Ferguson October” and the “Weekend of Resistance” focused on the last month’s encounter between Brown and Police Officer Darren Wilson, who authorities said shot Brown after he attacked him and tried to take his gun. But witnesses offered a starkly different version they said the unarmed teenager had his hands in the air when he was shot.

The “Weekend of Resistance” which began Friday was part of a four-day event in Missouri that attracted protesters from around the nation.

The AFL-CIO offered busses to the public to ride down to Missouri for the weekend events. The goal was to “build momentum” for a nationwide movement to address police violence, organizers said.

News reports from CNN contributed.