Freshman looks to create band, fan group for DU home games

By Rachael Stewart

October 31, 2013

The stands at Dominican home games are never filled to capacity, but that could change if a pep band begins to play and amp excitement in the upcoming months.

Freshman Nicholas Drake had the idea to start a pep band and sports fan club here at Dominican for students interested in continuing their musical experience on campus. Drake says the pep band would be a great addition to boost attendance at sports games and aid with cheering on the Stars.

Drake was moved to start the pep band because he was in a band during his high school years and upon starting at Dominican, was disappointed to find there was no band actively performing at home games. Drake thinks the band would be a nice way to allow students to play in an athletics band for the first time at Dominican. Additionally, Drake hopes that students who are not musically inclined will also find interest in joining a sports fan club.

“[The fan club] is for everyone that really loves sports and just enjoys having fun with a group of students,” Drake said.

Drake’s roommate Jonathan De Leon and Devvora Papatheodorou, Dominican professor of music and piano, are also on board to assist with the band and group formation. Over the last few years, several students have approached Papatheodorou about forming a college band. On Saturday, Oct. 26, Papatheodorou also sent an email to Dominican students asking for anyone interested in the band to email her back and let her know what instrument they would be interested in playing.

Sarah Gromek, a senior who played the saxophone from junior high through high school, thinks the pep band would be an excellent university addition.

“I am sure there are many students on campus who know how to play a musical instrument and would be interested in continuing their talent,” Gromek said. “I wish this was started sooner because I definitely would love to be involved. Playing music is a huge passion of mine and I miss playing my instrument in a band.”

Senior Anthony Pisano also agrees that the band and fan club would be a great new outlet for students to get involved on campus that might not otherwise.

“I think it would be a great way to stir school spirit and to get those who are musically inclined active in student involvement,” Pisano said. “Having played the glockenspiel in high school, I have found that music really excites an audience and makes them root for the home team.”

Drake hopes for the band to consist of a wide variety of instruments and assues the band will be no-cut.

“As long as you know how to read music and play an instrument, I’ll be able to work with you,” he added.

Drake hopes the band can practice once a week and perform at home games, complete with team chants and uniforms to wear on game days. The band will play both traditional marching band and pop culture songs andproposed names for the band and group include The Blue Crew Pep Band and Super Fan Club.

“I simply want to get the crowd going and have a good time,” Drake said.