Quest conquers more diverse menu

November 3, 2015

By Christopher Sich

The new dining service, Quest, is making it their priority to accommodate students with a variety of allergies and preferences.

“It’s been tough finding food that I can eat because I have celiac disease,” said junior Catherine Soto. “With Quest, I can now order a gluten-free sandwich at Cyber which eliminates some of my worries.”

Some places that claim to serve gluten-free products don’t take into consideration cross-contamination, which occurs when gluten-free food is prepared on a surface that has come in contact with gluten products. This isn’t an issue with Quest.

“We do not cross-contaminate,” said Quest’s executive chef Mynor Rivera. “We make sure to clean all the grills when preparing gluten-free meals and we are in the process of creating labels for our gluten-free products. Quest is focused on the needs of the students.”

Ensuring gluten-free options is not Quest’s only undertaking. They are also accommodating students with food allergies, vegans, vegetarians and those with restrictions due to their religion.

Director of dining services Victor Soriano said, “We have a special section for vegetarians referred to as ‘Harvest’ as well as a spot for our vegan diners.”

There is a great deal of students on campus with dairy and nut allergies as well.

“We urge students to ask cafeteria staff if they have any questions or concerns about the ingredients in meals” said Soriano.