Non-believers unite on campus through interfaith sponsorship

By Cory Lesniak

March 19, 2014

Dominican University may be a Catholic institution heavily immersed in religion, but recently, some students have created a group to meet what they consider the needs of an underserved university population.

Senior Kevin Miller is leading students in an unofficial group called The Secular Students of Dominican University. The group had their first meeting where they watched a documentary titled “The God Who Wasn’t There” which supports the Christ myth theory in which it questions the existence of Jesus Christ as well as other facets of Christianity.

Miller explained that the purpose of the group is neither to discourage students from coming to Dominican nor bash those who are believers at the university.

“Being atheist shouldn’t stop you from coming to Dominican,” Miller said.

Thirteen students attended the first meeting and some of the group’s first members remain hopeful that the group can thrive in the future.

“Since the Interfaith Cooperation Committee at Dominican has decided to sponsor our group, it’s clear that our school also sees the value in allowing individuals of all religious afflictions to identify their beliefs,” senior Rachel Hunter said.

One issue that Miller has discussed with the group is the fact that each classroom on campus has a crucifix on the wall, claiming their presence offends some.

“I am not trying to change Dominican, just help those who don’t believe in God,” Miller said.

The group says it is not working to be anti-Catholic or trying to change anyone’s minds, but rather inform and help those that may question their faith.

“I suppose in some way it is a group which wishes to provide a comfortable environment for non-Catholics to voice their opinions and express their questions, concerns and beliefs,” junior Arthur Wolff said. “It is extremely interesting to be a part of [and] radical too, some might think.”

As of press time, The Secular Students of Dominican University has not yet announced their next meeting.