‘Not for Sale’ opens at the O’Connor Art Gallery


By Lauren Pinkston


January 28, 2014


On Wednesday, Jan. 22, the O’Connor Art Gallery opened a new exhibit: “Not for Sale.” The exhibit features three artists, Susan Giles, Jenna Caravello and Ryan Mandell, whose mediums worked to express a common theme: the intricacy of the architecture that holds our lives.


The display is free and is open to all until March 7.


Angela Bryant, curator of the O’Connor Art Gallery, explains the content of the exhibit as, “The theme of the exhibition centers around architectural structures, both public and domestic. This show helps us to consider how structures affect us and how we interact with them.”


The opening of the exhibit featured an open panel with artist Susan Giles. Panel discussions typically occur before the opening reception of each exhibit. Bryant says the panels are the best features of the exhibitions.


A huge benefit of exhibiting contemporary artists is that they are still with us.  They can tell us in their own words what influenced their artwork, how they create, why they create and the practicals of how they balance art-making with the rest of their life,” Bryant said. “We have the opportunity to interact and understand them now and that is truly a gift.”


Alexandra Tourison, a junior studying sculpture as a minor, noted the panel discussion as her favorite part of the exhibit because it gave her the opportunity to learn more about Giles’s work.


I enjoyed hearing the artist talk about her work because it made me like her work more,” Tourison said. “Knowing that the models were made of paper amazed me because they were so intricately made.”


Tourison went on to say she looks forward to attending more exhibits in the O’Connor Art Gallery. 


“It helps inspire me to experiment with different mediums.  I always favor using plaster, but I get inspired when I look at other artists,” Tourison says.


Bryant encourages the Dominican community to take advantage of the opportunity to experience gallery’s exhibits to simply “be inspired.”


The O’Connor Art Gallery features multiple exhibits throughout the school year. The next three upcoming exhibits are set to feature Dominican’s own art students.


“Each exhibition is unique in its own way through its thematic focus and the disciplines represented.  The general goal that I have for exhibitions in general is to allow viewers to see the world from a different or new perspective,” Bryant said.