International students value food and family

By Natalie Rodriguez

Thanksgiving is a time that brings Dominican students closer to their families. Many resident students leave campus and head back home, but what about international students whose families are thousands of miles away?

The English Language Centers (ELS) program partners with organizations from other countries that recruit students who want to learn English. The ELS program at Dominican offers housing and English classes. Students stay either with host families or in apartments on Lake Street.

Venezuelan ELS student Arleny Quintero said she will be staying with a host family over Thanksgiving break. Quintero said she likes how families comes together during that time. Venezuelans typically have a family dinner on the 24th of December.

Another student, Omar Mogri from Saudi Arabia, said he would stay at the apartments provided by ELS over the break and he didn’t know much about Thanksgiving because he does not know many Americans. Saudi Arabians celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which is right after Ramadan. People give money and food to the homeless and neighbors share meals with one another. No matter where you come from, family time is greatly appreciated, especially over a good meal.