Classroom and dorm temperatures constantly fluctuating

By Emily Lapinski

Students are alternating between sweating and shivering as the heating and air conditioning systems at Dominican struggle to adjust with wacky weather conditions. The winter season has already blown in and it was clear right away that the university was not prepared.

Sophomore Natalie Mirek said: “It was cold. The second floor of Parmer was so chilly that I had students in my classes wear their jackets but I have to say that Lewis was alright. This is interesting considering Parmer is the newer building.”

The university regulates some buildings electronically and has building engineers monitor others, according to Dan Bulow, director of Physical Plant. Building Automation Systems are in place in Parmer Hall, Murray Hall and the Crown Library. The Fine Arts building, Lewis Hall, and the Priory campus are partially automated and Coughlin Hall is manually steam heated.

Bulow said: “Most of the time the engineers check temperature conditions and make adjustments as necessary. I also check conditions and can change settings via my computer or contact engineers if I get feedback from someone on campus.”

Both commuters and resident students are upset with the inefficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems. Sophomore Angie Barnas said: “I feel like the heating and air conditioning are always off especially in the Fine Arts building and Lewis. Both of these buildings have an uncomfortable temperature.”

Junior resident Mayra Moreno also noticed the difference between buildings: “I’m living in Murray this year so I would say that it does accommodate; however, I did live in Power last year and in Coughlin freshman year and it was extremely hot in both winter and summer.” Moreno said.

Other residents noticed a marked difference between seasons. Sophomore Colton Malich said: “Living on the fourth floor of Mazzuchelli and not buying an air conditioner is death. The heaters really make things warm and comfortable in the winter though.”