Senior Spotlight: Megan Graves

Photo courtesy of Megan Graves

By Khyeria Ferguson

October 30, 2013

During senior year, most students catch senioritis or narrow their involvement to the bare minimum. Senior Megan Graves defies this approach to her climatic year at Dominican. Recently, Graves revealed her secrets to her success.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Chicago, specifically from the Roseland neighborhood.

Q: Why did you choose Dominican?

A: I attended a Sinsinawa-sponsored high school, Queen of Peace, and I was referred from the president of my high school. Also, the mission statement, “creating a more humane and just world,” really stood out to me and you can feel the mission working throughout the school.

Q: What do you admire most about the Dominican community?

A: The willingness to have a conversation as a community. When we have social issues that need to be addressed, we make good attempts to address them. As the culture continues to change, our community is becoming more diverse and as a community we address those privilege systems that don’t apply to all of us; also the fact that we continue to have the mission as a foundation for those conversations.

Q: Do you have any advice for freshmen and upperclassmen?

A: Most definitely! Don’t miss out on any opportunities, network and if you can, study abroad.

In addition to the interview, Graves shared a sample of her busy schedule. Graves is a double major in pastoral ministries and black world studies with minors in social justice & civic engagement and women & gender studies. She also contributes volunteer services to many global communities and she’s highly involved on campus as a peer advisor, a peer coach for the Village and a student trustee. She’s also involved in the Office of Residence Life, the Liturgical Choir and the Student Leaders & Minister Program.

Besides academics, Graves likes to shop at Goodwill, she’s a fan of Hip Hop and R&B music, and she occasionally enjoys Wingstop.

The next time you run into Megan Graves, be sure to share a friendly “hello” and you can bet she will give you the same response back!