Fashion Focus: Pastiche Fashion Show 2013

By Lauren Pinkston

April 17, 2013

Professionals, students and children all showed their modeling skills at Dominican’s fashion show.

Last weekend, Dominican University students of the Apparel Design and Merchandising program presented a compilation of their years work at the annual department sponsored Fashion show.

This year’s fashion show reflected the diversity of the designers who created it. The show featured 124 pieces from students in the apparel design program. The designs varied greatly from bridal to pre-teen wear, and everything in between.

The theme of this years show was “Pastiche.” Seniors in the apparel programs decided the theme as a group. According to apparel design major, Erin VonKannon, “We all came to class with ideas for themes that varied from fairytales to destructed city. Also on that list was art nouveau, black and white, and silent film, eventually the class decided to combine these three into a show about bringing the past to the future and making something new. Pastiche means just that. Our show was born.”

The seniors began planning the event at the beginning of the spring semester, but the garments are produced beginning in the fall. Seniors studying apparel design and merchandising split into groups to tackle the various tasks necessary for a successful show; these tasks included advertising, finding models, and planning music. These tasks help educate students on how to produce and work in a show.

Indeed, the show educated the graduating students on preparation for a fashion event and it was a chance for all students to show off their potential and creativity.

“The purpose is to get their work in to the community… it’s one thing to design in the classroom, but communication of one’s design is truly a big part of being a designer,” said Tracy Jennings, instructor and chair of the Apparel Design and Merchandising Department.

Although apparel students at all levels of their academic career are encouraged to submit pieces to the show, it is truly a debut of the seniors’ artistic works. VonKannon describes the event as an opportunity to, “present what we’ve learned. It’s like one big, super fun, final project.”

Awards and scholarships were presented at the Sunday show. The apparel department brought in a jury of professionals to decide which pieces deserved awards for design. Apparel faculty met to determine which students received scholarships.

VonKannon won an award for Outstanding Individual design for Emmeline. This piece is described in the event program as, “Burgundy Organza Gown, supported by a cage crinoline and bustle.” It is named after Emmeline Pankhurst, a women’s suffrage activist. VonKannon hopes to get an internship in theatre to learn more about costume design.

Programs similar to apparel design and merchandising have been a part of Dominican University since its institution; acording to the faculty, there is evidence in Dominican archives that there have been fashions shows since the 1930’s.

Dominican University staff and students look forward to continuing these programs as a part of the curriculum. The fashion show has been an anticipated event by many for decades. Dominican Stars and the community are invited to share the event with the students who have diligently worked to make it possible.

“It’s a culmination of these students work and there is so much talent and so much creativity… there’s something in the show for just about everyone,” said Jennings.