Study Abroad Deadlines Approaching

September 20, 2016

By Christopher Sich

The deadlines for the study abroad information sessions for spring programs are quickly approaching. These information sessions are important because they not only provide vital details, but they also are required.

“If you are interesting in studying abroad you must attend an information session,” said Sue Ponremy, Study Abroad International Student Advisor. “We want students to understand the in’s and out’s of the program; you need to know what you are getting yourself into.”

The upcoming spring programs still available are as follows:  Stellenbosch, Salzburg, Rome, Guatemala, Limerick, Ghana, Strasbourg and Haiti.

Many students wish to study abroad, but are turned away by the potential costs. Study abroad though is more financially attainable than one might think.

“These programs cost the same, or less, as attending and living on campus at Dominican,” Ponremy said.

Not only are the study abroad programs financially within reach, but there are also scholarships that can be used to help pay for the costs. The first of the two scholarships is the Gillman Scholarship.

According to Ponremy, the Gillman is a federal scholarship; only students who receive the PELL grant and have chosen a program that is equal to or exceeds four weeks can apply. With the Gillman scholarship a student can earn between $2500-3000 for their program costs. This scholarship though can only be used for Study Abroad, as opposed to the ExcEL scholarship which is a Dominican program and has several benefits other than study abroad.

“Students who wish to pursue or design an internship, community-based learning, independent research, study away, study abroad, or other experiential learning project can apply,” said Paul Simpson, Executive Director of the Academic Enrichment Center.

According to Simpson, $2000 is the maximum amount a student can receive.  Students do not need to apply for that much if there is an experience they are pursuing that demands less of their funds.

These two scholarships are great sources to help pay for study aboard and students should take advantage of them. These deadlines are also quickly approaching so you must act fast. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Gillman: Tuesday, October 4
  • ExcEL: Thursday, October 20

After attending the information session of your choice, after applying for scholarships, and after turning in all your paperwork, you must decide, to study abroad or not. According to Alondra Cardenas, a junior at Dominican University, studying abroad is the best investment you can make on yourself.

Cardenas was a part of the Salamanca program last school year and had the opportunity to study in Spain, as well as travel Europe, for a semester.

“Studying abroad provides you with wisdom regarding your personal values and aspirations,” Cardenas said. “It is scary to just think about residing on the other side of the world full of unfamiliarity, but in the end you learn to cherish that feeling for you recognize the beauty of the unknown; it is an experience that will live with you forever.”

According to Cardenas, when planning to study abroad you must be prepared for the unknown and willing to meet new people from different backgrounds. Do not limit yourself, rather allow yourself to try new things and immerse yourself in the new culture. Lastly, Cardenas states that you should challenge yourself and ask questions, and most importantly, live in the moment and have fun.

There are several information sessions still available to attend so make sure to check the schedule for details. If you are unable to attend an information session or it has passed, or want any information regarding Study Abroad and the Gillman scholarship, please contact Sue Ponremy at For more information on the ExcEL scholarship you can contact Paul Simpson at