A Shout Out From The Sisters

October 4, 2016

By Sr. Mary Kremer, OP

What images and feelings does the word “home” bring to mind? Familiar faces? Warm welcome? Good food? Happy memories? Time out?

The Dominican sisters on campus have a home 146 miles from here, nestled in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin. The U.S. Postal Service calls our home Sinsinawa (sin-se-na’-wa), but we call it “The Mound”. It is the home to which we sisters return throughout the year for the same things you seek at your homes: family, good times, good food, respite, and new energy.

The Mound is a modest hill that rises above the surrounding countryside, providing a rare lookout that city-dwellers seldom enjoy. Miles of corn and bean fields change colors with the seasons; right now all is awash in yellow, orange and chocolate. An apple orchard and vineyard grace her slopes and thousands of stars fill her night skies. In a word, breathtakingly beautiful.

While 450 sisters call the Mound their home, currently you could find about 150 sisters moving about. One of their universal talents is storytelling. They have tales of life and ministry in places you would like to visit like California, Alaska and Bolivia. Some of their stories go back to times and places now found in history books. These sisters are less interested in talking about themselves and more intent on listening to your stories. They are less concerned about the stock market and more troubled about the poor and marginalized of our human family.

The Mound is a quiet place. Much like your dorms, there are no children there. Surrounded by silent beauty there is little distracting noise. You can hear the wind in the trees, the rain on the windows. In my first year studying at the Mound, our geography teacher told us that on a warm summer night you could even hear the corn grow. For 50 years I believed her.

Beauty, warm welcome and quiet make for a prefect get-away. Check out our home online at sinsinawa.org and then come visit us. University Ministry is sponsoring a trip there called Mission to the Mound March 7-9 during spring break. Guaranteed, you will not be disappointed.