‘Logan’: A Gritty Future For The X-Men

March 14, 2017

By Tiffany Skelnik

“Logan”, directed by James Mangold, sees the return of Hugh Jackman as Logan. Many of the X-Men are dead and the world’s mutant population has shrunk significantly. Jackman’s character, Logan has tasked himself with caring for an ailing Professor Charles Xavier, played by Sir Patrick Stewart, as a group of individuals wish to see Charles Xavier and the remaining mutants dead. 

Logan soon crosses paths with a woman and a young girl named Laura, played by Dafne Keen, who seems to know about his past as the Wolverine. The adventure begins as he is tasked with protecting Laura and Professor Xavier on a wild and bloody journey to safety.   

Performances by Jackman and Stewart as well as newcomer Keen add humanity to the bleak landscape. Jackman shows glimpses of who Wolverine once was and his scenes with Stewart’s Charles Xavier are some of the films best. As the film’s journey unfolds, the viewer sees the evolution of Logan as a character that has been through hellish circumstances and survived quite a while. We also witness changing relationship dynamics, specifically those between Laura and Logan, as both learn to let the other in. Keen’s performance as the young Laura is a treat alongside the series veteran Jackman. 

This film, although at times brutal and filled with violence, has both heartwarming and hilarious moments as well that work to balance it out nicely. Fans of the franchise will find it a surprising departure with many flashbacks as well as new angles to discover about a character that is extremely well known. The film strikes the right tone between humor and action to keep viewers engaged in the characters’ fates. I highly recommend this film to fans and newcomers alike.  If you enjoy action with fun characters and exceptional visuals, you’ll enjoy Logan.”