Annual African American Heritage Reception

March 14, 2017

By Crystal Medrano

On Friday, Feb. 24, Dominican hosted its 13th annual African/American Heritage Reception.

The University has made strong efforts to honor and include every race and culture that makes up the student population. Dominican takes part in many cultural celebrations that honor the diversity of our students including Black History Month.

To celebrate Black History Month, Dominican holds a reception for all students and alumni to attend. The event is sponsored by the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, the Black Student Union and the Office of Alumnae/i Relations. Guests enjoy food, drinks and a special speech given by recipient of the African/African American Heritage Award.

Throughout the month of February, Dominican took part in many activities including, Black History Month Jeopardy, Coffee and Culture Cafe, Food and Music Festival of the African Diaspora and several more.

Dominican will often go the extra mile to include cultural aspects for their cultural celebrations. The reception was such a lively and friendly environment from the jazz music playing throughout the reception to the tables elegantly decorated with small fabrics of African prints and textiles. Even the food suited the event which included hush puppies, shrimp, grits and peach cobbler.

To honor the accomplishments of African American students who attended Dominican, an award is given to an alum who has accomplished great tasks and best demonstrates everything Dominican stands for.

This year’s recipient was RoJenia (Judkins) Jones, Class of 2007. Jones graduated from Dominican with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and went on to receive her master’s from Ball State University followed by a Ph.D. at Loyola University. She is now a research chemist and laboratory manager for DOD Technologies, Inc.

Guests at this reception also heard other alumni and faculty speak and were noted of all the students who received The Christopher Little Memorial Grant. This year, all students who applied for the grant received it.

It was a fun, lively night as students and guests honored alumni, networked with alumni and other professionals as they danced the night away.