‘The Boss Baby’ Puts A New Twist On Sibling Rivalry

April 25, 2017

By Tiffany Skelnik

 “The Boss Baby” is a Hendel Butoy and Tom McGrath directed animated film. The film stars Alec Baldwin as the Boss Baby and Miles Christopher Bakshi as Tim, a seven-year-old boy who gets an unexpected surprise in the form of a briefcase carrying baby brother. The film follows Tim’s efforts to rid the house of his new little brother. The little brother is later revealed to be the CEO of a company on a mission to prevent babies from being replaced by puppies, in which they must work together despite hating each other.

The film seems at first glance to be a typical kid’s film and in a lot of ways, perhaps it is; but the humor throughout does a clever job of bringing in everyone in the audience. This film is pure entertainment that allows the audience to suspend disbelief and enjoy a zany story with some heart.

Credit for this can be given to the cast. It is clear in his performance that Baldwin allowed himself to have fun. As jarring as it was to experience his voice coming out of a baby in a suit, this is what gave the film something different. Rather than trying to create a child-like voice for the character, Baldwin kept his regular speaking voice. This provides the juxtaposition that gives the film its uniqueness.  

The banter between Baldwin and Bakshi was enjoyable as Tim and the Boss Baby attempt to resolve their differences and solve the dilemma put before them. Bakshi’s wide-eyed portrayal of Tim contrasts nicely with Baldwin as the frequently sarcastic Boss Baby. It makes for many entertaining moments of both comedy and drama.

“The Boss Baby” is a film that I would recommend highly if you are looking for a way to relax and escape stress for a while.  It provides laughs throughout and is an enjoyable adventure for all ages.