Flying Whales Are Not Safe

April 25, 2017

‘Flying Whales Are Not Safe’ is an original poem by Mia Powell.

World War Four will be fought

On the backs of whales in the sky

(With sticks and stones,

Like Einstein said)

And we will not ask why.


We will not ask why

Our children go to war.

We are far too used to this:

Good morning, breakfast, coffee;

You go off to work, and I will go to war.


I will go to war

By water, earth, or air

And fight for reasons

I don’t know –

Because my people care.


My people care for safety,

Freedom, self-love, money,

Shelter, food;

And I?

Well, I just want my honey.


Honey, I just want you

Safe and on the ground.

So stay away

From flying whales

And I’ll see you around.