Dezelski moves higher on all-time list of kills to fourth place

By Maia Martin

October 30, 2013


Senior Claire Dezelski, an outside hitter and captain of the women’s volleyball team, just made her way into the DU women’s volleyball record books last month but finds herself in the news again this past week.


In a game on Sept. 19 against Carthage College, Dezelski became the seventh person in women’s volleyball history to notch 1,000 kills, hits that weren’t defended by the other team, resulting in the attacking team gaining a point. With that historic game, Dezelski continues to move up on the all-time list, currently sitting in fourth place with 1,208 kills as of last week.


The senior star began her journey with the sport in the eighth grade. Interestingly though, volleyball was not Dezelski’s first choice of sport.


Born and raised in Northville, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, Dezelski started playing basketball in the first grade, sticking with it up until ninth grade.


With a smile on her face, Dezelski said, “I wanted to just play basketball, but my friends finally convinced me to try out for the volleyball team. I found out that I was pretty good at it and it was fun, so I stuck with it.”


Claire explained that she was on her high school volleyball team and also played in a volleyball club, which was year-round versus seasonal volleyball.


Once she stepped foot on campus at Dominican, Dezelski started checking off one achievement after another with every kill she made on opponents.


Fellow senior Lauren Reiniger said that during a Stars attack in a game that, “Honestly, I expect a kill from her. But even if it’s not a kill, she is the most consistent at keeping the ball in play. She’s definitely an anchor for us.”


During her freshman year at Dominican, Dezelski was named NACC Freshman of the Year on the all-freshman team. Sophomore year, Dezelski was on the first-team, all-NACC Conference. She repeated the feat during her junior year and so far into her final, climatic season, she has been nominated as NAC Player of the Week three times..


“Shoot I don’t want to rank her by numbers but ever since my freshmen year, she has always been a key player for us and the program,” Reiniger said.


When she’s not hitting rockets at opponents, the nutrition and dietetics major is hitting the books even harder.