Tennis Stars: Hitting The Court To Improve

April 19, 2016

By Christopher Sich

This past season the Dominican University Women’s Tennis team lost some key players but received some much needed help from new players.

“We were down some players and the softball team really helped out by sharing some of their girls, who were actually really great at tennis,” said Sophomore Morganne Schmidt.

Freshman softball player Gabriella Curran was one of the reinforcements for the tennis team and really enjoyed her first year with the program.

“It was a lot of fun to help out the tennis team, to learn a new sport, and to be able to represent Dominican,” said Curran.

Due to arrival of new players, a lot of practices and games were centered on teaching and playing their best.

“Now that we have some experience under our hands with some of the newer players, I really think we can improve and build a better game all around, making us a stronger team,” said Schmidt

Even with an inexperienced team the team managed to end the season 3-11; Women’s tennis is an up-and-coming program.

“All of us want to improve on our skills and do better in the conference,” said Curran.

The Dominican University Men’s tennis team is also currently lacking experience as they lost four seniors this season, but have used this obstacle to grow and become a close-knit team.

“We’re a young team so our learning curve is still steep and it’s obvious in every single member of this team,” said junior John Mysz. “Every practice and every week we get better and better.”

The Stars are currently just past the halfway point of the season and they have been playing better lately. They have improved since the beginning of the season. With six more matches to go until the conference tournament, the Stars look to keep improving.

“Our doubles play has been struggling recently which holds us back during meets; we’re starting to focus on this during practice now, because it can make us extremely competitive in our conference if we can get it down,” said Mysz. “We want to win more doubles matches, continue to improve individually, and make it to Madison for the playoffs”

Dominican University Tennis is a program that is slowly improving, and with their current work rate and dedication, the program is destined to succeed.