Former baseball coach at Concordia charged with sexual assault

September 22, 2015

By Emily Lapinski

Concordia University’s former head baseball coach Spiro Lempesis, 49, was charged with one count of criminal sexual assault of a 16-year-old.

The victim reported the allegations in February and investigators obtained Grand Jury Subpoenas for Concordia University, ESPN, NCAA, Burr Ridge Middle School and Norridge Park District.

They also obtained documents from each pertaining to Lempesis. The university released footage during his tenure as head coach before his termination in 2010. Two civil lawsuits were filed against Lempesis in 2013 which are still pending, one of which involved a former player and the other a middle school student.

The investigation ran six months and on Sept. 3, Lempesis was taken into custody and bond was set at $200,000/10% with additional no contact provisions added.