Allied Barton: the new face of security

September 22, 2015

By Gabbi Fusco

Move over Dominican. There’s a new “sheriff” in town. They have been spotted around campus sporting new security uniforms. Students may wonder, “Who are the new people in charge?”

The recent changes are due to an outsourcing decision made by Dominican Security. Security decided to hire a private company to carry the responsibility of campus security.
“It was just more of bringing in a structured group and bringing structure to our in-house security system,” said Darvin Hooker, an Allied Barton Campus Security officer.

These changes are in response to a student survey where students requested, “more training and additional staffing” said John Tsouchlos, Manager of Public Safety.

Three other security companies were considered for the three-year contract with Dominican. In the end Allied Barton Security Services was contracted. According to Tsouchlos, Allied Barton is a security company that is ready to “handle situations that affect the institutions security and safety.” The company has a campus-focused program in addition to 50 years of experience.

Allied Barton is still in charge of the campus shuttle on top of their regular security duties. When Barton took up the contract they also took on the responsibility of training officers.

When asked about the new face of campus security, Michelle Munhtaner, junior and resident student, said, “I feel like I don’t know much about security anymore. Before they used to send emails…but now I feel like I don’t know much about them anymore.”

However, Hooker commented that he wants to make sure all students’ safety and security is first priority through giving advice and being a friendly presence on campus.