Dominican Campus ID Cards To Get A Makeover

March 1, 2016

By Melissa Rohman

This spring, Dominican’s information technology department will be releasing a new “Star” ID card for all Dominican students, faculty and staff.

Dominican guests, ELS students, volunteers, community members and campus security will also be receiving new identification cards.

The new “Star” ID card will contain multiple new features for students, faculty and staff, as well as a completely new design for the front and back of the card. This is the first time in 15 years that campus ID cards have gone under renovation.

“This is the one card that you need for your Dominican experience,” said Jill Albin-Hill, vice president of information technology. “We’re seeing this as a transformational piece that brings all campus services to one central place.”

One of the biggest benefits of the new card is that it will be valid for 10 years. Cardholders will no longer need to renew their ID card every year. A new hologram technology on the front and back of card will reduce physical damage.

Another benefit is that the card won’t need to be changed, even if a student moves into back and forth between off-campus locations and the residence halls. However, cards for ELS students will have a temporary access life.

Students will be able scan their cards for standard meals in the dining hall and Cyber Café, scan the cards for printing, check in for campus events and activities and get designated access to campus buildings and residence halls.    

The overall design of the card is getting a completely new makeover. The front of the card will have a vertical layout and will feature a larger picture of the cardholder and their email address. A colored bar will appear across the bottom of the front of the card, a specified color indicating whether the cardholder is a regular student, ELS student, faculty member, staff member, guest, volunteer, community members or part of security.

“The purpose of this is to raise an awareness of who is on campus,” said Adam Smeets, director of university information systems.

The back of the card will feature a color graphic of the cardholder’s photo and the cardholder’s signature. Smeets explains that this will allow student accounts, the registrar and the support center to validate identification more securely and effectively.

Albin-Hill and Smeets said that this card makeover is part of an effort to increase the overall user experience of campus ID cards, to improve overall security on campus and to improve the way campus validates identity and grants credentials.

“We have so many different people come to campus and we want it to go beyond and be a solution to address all the different constituents and have a differentiation of services,” Albin-Hill said.

Listed below are online card access and management features that will be available for students, faculty and staff starting this summer:

  • Students will be able to manage their card accounts online and add funds to DU dollars or green bucks accounts through a credit card or through a departmental transfer for faculty and staff
  • Added monetary amounts will be immediately available to the cardholder.
  • Cardholders will be able to temporarily pause or completely deactivate their card online.
  • Anyone will be able to add money anonymously to your card but will not be able to take any money away.

“We’re trying to educate people to treat this card like a credit card,” Albin-Hill said. “It’s really adding more security around your account, as well.”

IT will start testing the new card with faculty and staff in the next coming weeks, in order to receive feedback. IT staff hopes to give out the new cards to students by mid-April, which will require a new cardholder photo and signature. IT is currently working on the online access and managing website for the cards, which will be linked off the university’s main website.    

“It’s about the consistency of the user experience,” Smeets said.