Cuba study abroad program re-opened to the public

By Alejandro Cortes

Study abroad trips at Dominican have previously only been open to Dominican students but this year the Cuba trip is open to Chicago residents as well.

Co-Director of the program Lisa Petrov said: “I’m confident we can handle any challenges that may arise from mixing students with non-students. Mostly, we are looking forward to having with us some older travelers who have personal memories of historical events.”

Students and non-students will travel to Havana, the capital of Cuba, on May 22 and stay for 15 days. They will explore the culture, city and countryside. Participants will also spend a weekend in the Bay of Pigs, located on the south side of the island. They will attend morning lectures at the University of Havana on topics that include economics, gender, agriculture and Cuban-US relations.

Expenses for Dominican students total $3,650, which includes housing, meals and transportation. For the public, the trip costs $4,000 and everyone will receive 3 academic credits. The trip fulfils the multicultural requirement for Dominican students and fulfils some requirements for political science, women and gender and sociology majors.

Students and non-students are required to attend one info session prior to the application deadline on Feb. 16.