Almost Maine Review

By Tiffany Skelnik

Dominican students performed the play Almost Maine Feb. 26- March 1. This two-act play was written by John Cariani and is set in the fictional town of Almost, Maine.

Throughout the play, the audience follows the town’s residents on a sometimes tough, sometimes awkward and always comical journey surrounding the concept of love. Each story in the play focuses on two or three main characters, who each deal with the different obstacles and wonders that love presents in their own ways.

The way the play was set up in a unique way. Each act had different stories showing a wide array of situations separated by a prologue, an interlogue and an epilogue. It showed every stage that a relationship can have, from the first moments of meeting to the realization that there’s something more to the moment they found that maybe the love they shared wasn’t all it seemed.

The differences in the types of relationships portrayed were a big part of what made this play so enjoyable. The script was honest and relatable to a wide audience. There were many scenes that made it easy to recall a similar experience and the comedy throughout only added to the charm of the play. The performers did an amazing job bringing these stories to life. It is difficult to pick one favorite.  I found myself laughing, crying and wondering right along with the characters.

Almost Maine wa a great show full of laughter, joy and some heartbreak, much like the love it attempts to contemplate and explain. Even though it takes place in a surreal time and place, Almost Maine is a realistic, hilarious and extremely entertaining portrayal of love in a small town that almost exists but not quite.