Pep band still in beginning phases

By Emily Lapinski

Students are channeling their love for music as well as their talents and mixing it with some school spirit to form Dominican’s own pep band. Leaders are currently in the recruitment phase but auditions will be scheduled as soon as the band and interest in it starts to grow.

Founder and band member Nicholas Drake has high expectations for the band. Drake said: “Getting the group together is a slower process than what I was hoping but my main goal is to have quality. I believe that this will help bring the Dominican community together and keep the love of music alive in the members.”

Drake hopes to feature the band’s talent at both the men’s and women’s basketball games and have an assortment of instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass guitar and electric guitar.

Drake is encouraging interested students to reach out and let their talents be known.