DASH: Real Love Doesn’t Hurt

February 16, 2016

By Joanna Rivera

On Monday, Feb. 8, the student organization Domestic Abuse Stops Here (DASH) held an event called Real Love Doesn’t Hurt.

At this event, DASH members were handing out Valentines and asking students to stamp their hands on a white poster, pledging to engage in non-violent love.

“With this event, we were really aiming to talk about healthy relationships in a way that was accessible and approachable to the community,” said Katie Fox, a junior at Dominican and the president of DASH.

DASH’s objective is to inform students about issues of sexual and domestic abuse.

“At the heart of our motivations, is the idea that we hope that those who come to our tables are able to learn something new about healthy or unhealthy relationships, or be able to ask questions,” said Fox. “It’s really all about education and awareness.”

DASH takes the opportunity to meet students “where they are” to inform them on topics that are hard to talk about.

“We hope that, through our work, those who attend our programming will walk away knowing something new, and will have better understandings of these issues,” said Fox.

In April, DASH will be holding a weeklong event called “Take Back The Night”. This event will include a speak out, march and karaoke.