Thefts on campus remains unsolved

By: Anthony Garcia

October 31, 2012

The rash of thefts that have recently plagued Dominican remained unresolved and unanswered.

According to River Forest Police, no one has been arrested in accordance with the string of thefts around the campus.

Back on Thurs Oct. 11, the men’s locker room was broken into along with a Sep. 17 break-in of the men’s varsity soccer team while the team practiced in the afternoon, resulting in the loss of personal items like cell phones and credit cards.

In a response by Campus Safety and Security, more patrols have been established in an effort to stop the thefts of the locker rooms.

Sgt. Mike Thornley of River Forest Police said that while no one has been arrested, “investigations do continue and we do have some leads that are still being pursued.”

More recently, residents on campus have reported several instances of theft in Murray Hall.

Residents have reported backpacks and books being stolen from their rooms while their doors were either left open accidently or even while they slept.

Residence Life and Campus Security released a joint statement through email on Thurs Oct. 25 stating, “Please make sure you are closing and locking your doors not only when you leave your room, but also when you are going to sleep for the night.  If you are living in Centennial, as an added security measure please be sure to lock your bathrooms as well.  Don’t be a victim. Lock your door. “

The email concluded by saying to become involved and to contact security or by dialing 911 in case of any suspicious activity.