Dining Services Attempts New Format for Survey

By Victoria Joshua

December 5, 2012

Eager to give your opinion about Cyber Café’s “Sausage Toasty” and “Veggie Max” sandwiches? Are you interested in sharing your thoughts about the food quality and dining etiquette during the busy hours of brunch and dinner in the Dining Hall?

Kimberly Nickleberry, Senior Director of Dining Services, wants Dominican students to be prepared for a shift in gears for the upcoming Dining Services Survey this Spring.

“We decided to do the mobile app because this is the new generation and everybody’s on it,” Nickelberry said, “and it gives us a gage on satisfaction rates and where we need room for improvement.”

Instead of the paper survey done in the past, where passerby students were asked to complete the survey and then seated until they finished filling in several dots for about twenty Chartwells-related questions, students can now complete the mobile app food survey more freely and are less likely to feel the need to rush through the questions.

This is an easier process for busy students and an easier task to manage for Nickelberry and Chartwells, because the food survey app will leave little room for dishonest answers and incorrect fill-ins from students.

“When the students didn’t fill the survey in right, they became void. I think it’s a good thing if the students are honest and not just filling in anything” Nickleberry said.

So far this year, Chartwells seems to have improved for juniors like Ooshaka Nutall and Khalisha Pullen, who seem to take the upcoming food survey seriously.

Nutall said, “Dining services so far this year have been good. I’m vegan, so there’s usually nothing that I can eat, but this year they’ve incorporated some vegan dishes.”

Though she rarely eats on campus, Pullen stated that she is looking forward to taking the survey based on the few times she’s eaten Chartwells. Pullen said, “So far things have been fresher and there are more varieties.”

But, not everyone sees such an improvement. Shaquile Read, Junior, said, “The food at Chartwells has been okay. As far as the service, they’re really slow about getting the food out.”

Opinions on our dining services are across the board. This new survey is user-friendly for the Dominican community to ensure to get their opinions heard. Nickleberry is expecting those who are interested to take a short time out of the day from their Facebook and Twitter apps to simply complete it right in the palms of their hands.

“I expect at least 150 surveys. My goal is 200,” Nickelberry said. Whether or not she receives, or even exceeds that amount of surveys, is up to the Dominican community. Whether you want to praise our dining services or try to help them improve, do your part and make a small difference by taking this survey. Keep an eye out for this survey in the spring!