Resident’s walk to class no longer mini

By: Lauren Reiniger

February 13, 2013

Resident students have a longer walk to classes and some are not happy about it. On Jan. 25, students were notified that the mini-quad door, which is a shortcut for students, was locked.

The no-entry sign on the door and the notification email sent to students do not provide any reasons for this closing. Later, on behalf of the Dean of Students Office, Student Government said the door is closed due to safety concerns, preventing students from slipping on the stairs this door leads to inside.

“The mini-quad door was so convenient, especially if I was rushing to class. Now it takes longer to get to classes, and it is almost more dangerous to take the longer route since those sidewalks are not always salted,” said sophomore Carmelo DiFranco.

Senior Kelly Petty also had her doubts, “I’m not even sure why they closed it. If they want to take precautions then it wouldn’t it make sense that the shorter route outside would be safer?”