DU student arrested for DUI, battery on officer

By Anthony Garcia

February 27, 2013

On Feb. 9 at approximately 2:22 a.m., River Forest Police officers arrested and charged a Dominican student for driving under the influence, battery and resisting arrest from a police officer.

23-year-old Wayne Kuhn of the 2100 block of North School Drive, Rolling Meadows, was arrested after officers responded to a 2001 Honda Accord driving recklessly in the Greenfield parking lot of Dominican University.

According to the police report, Kuhn plowed into a snow bank, reversed the vehicle and almost struck a police car behind him who was responding to the scene.

Officers managed to get Kuhn out of the vehicle and noticed immediately that he smelled strongly of alcohol and lost his balance consistently.

Kuhn became so agitated and combative at one point that he struck on officer in chest, using so much force that the officer’s radio from his lapel fell to the ground.

Kuhn was finally placed in the squad car, while still resisting officers, kicking the insides and windows of the squad car, police said.

Kuhn was placed into custody and was eventually released.