The Fiesta Primavera And A Great Cause

April 19, 2016

By Nayah James

Fiesta Primavera, an event hosted by university ministry, was held in the Underground on April 15 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event acted as a “dance, fundraiser” and “on campus event” according to the event posting site EngageDU.

The intent was to “enhance multiculturalism across campus” and the party did just that.

From the delicious Mexican food to the traditional Mexican music, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Music blared throughout the Underground, shaking the floors and windows. This reminded everyone in the room of the cause for the night. Sophomore and University Ministry Intern, Rosanna “Rosie” Fiasche, reminded the crowd that all proceeds would be donated to support students affected by the MAP grant.

The crowd grew bigger as more students flowed into the event. Everyone stood around the room, smiling, hugging and chatting with nearby friends as the party was really about to begin.

The Dominican Starlettes, dressed in red short ruffle-layered style dresses, started the party off right with a sassy Latin inspired performance.

From there, two other dance groups performed. The OLAS’ Estilo y Sabor group, dressed in black, performed a sultry Latin inspired number and a group of four, dressed in traditional Mexican dance attire, performed a more traditional gender specific number.

With the room well lit, not many people were out on the dance floor; however, when the lights went off and the strobe lights came on, everyone flooded to the center of the dance floor. There was everything from friends dancing with friends, couples dancing and even a few dance circles.

The most enjoyable activities were the line dancing and the authentic Hispanic food. Most felt the party was a great way to enhance multiculturalism and that the music was very fun.

Freshman Armani Brockman said, “I thought it was great! As someone who’s not Hispanic, but surrounded by a diverse Hispanic culture, it gave me a more intimate look at their culture. The food was good and the music was even better.”

Rosario “Rosie” Hernandez said, “This was a celebration of culture and support that I felt was the best way to relieve stress and feel more connected at Dominican.”

Ashlynn Hill talked about how nervous she was to perform.

“It was nice, but nerve racking because I didn’t expect it to be so many people, but it was really fun and I liked the music,” Hill said.

Another University Ministry Intern, Hope Gutierrez, said, “We were all celebrating together in a way that really brings warmth and light to my heart. It was amazing to see the love and community that was built in such a short period of time.”