Dominican continues to strengthen green initiatives

By Natalie Rodriguez, Ad Manager

Dominican is very immersed in its sustainability goals. One of the most prominent efforts in the green initiative is BikeDU, It is a bike sharing program available to all Dominican students. Students can rent a bike for 24 hours at the front desk of the Priory or Main campus. According to Sustainability Coordinator Elena Maans, BikeDU began in 2010 and has increased ridership for resident students.

Maans said: “I remember when I was in undergrad I wished I had a bike to just take a trip now and then but couldn’t afford and had no place to store it. This program takes away all those concerns and costs providing a service students can really dig.”

In preparation for Earth Day April 22, Dominican plans on having a Bike2Campus week lasting April 20 through 24. According to Maans, Bike2Campus is a challenge from twelve Chicagoland college institutions. Once students sign up on, they can log their rides and are eligible to win prizes along the way.

Maans said the more students ride, the more chances they have to win and the higher Dominican’s stats are boosted.

As of now, Dominican is in the very early stages of developing a rideshare program where students could carpool. According to Welcome and Information Desk Supervisor Mary Sadofsky, this initiative is pending the decision of school administrators. Sadofsky said the program may provide incentives, gas money or special parking spaces to carpooling riders and