SGA closes out a year of changes with election of new members

By Lavell Garner

April 16, 2014

Student Government Association elections have come to an end, and while there are some new students who hold officer positions, the same old motive of creating a voice and options for the Dominican student body is still intact.

Sophomore and current SGA President Berto Aguayo won the presidency for the second year in a row after running unopposed. Aguayo believes it’s his campaign strategy that has carried him through as a quality candidate.

“My re-election campaign was not of excuses, but of actual acts and achievements that I had earned,” Aguayo said. “It was a confirmation of my campaign last year of what I could do. It confirmed what I set out to do my first year as president.”

Since Aguayo ran unopposed, it is evident that many students agree with Aguayo’s platform and think he has done great things thus far. There has been praise from students regarding new water dispensers on campus, extended Fitness Center hours, active discussion on the CTA U-Pass and the creation of an intramural soccer program. 

Junior Arthur Wolff believes SGA has been more responsive to students this year than in the past and credits Aguayo to actively listening to all types of feedback and concerns.

“Berto [has been] a great bridge; a bridge for students and faculty to come together and be productive on certain issues,” Wolff said. “I also feel students have a better confidence of how the social structure of Dominican University works.”

Regarding the soccer program, senior Sebastian Czerech said that there has always been a huge interest in intramural soccer here at Dominican and that since SGA has made it a reality, it has been successful.

“Dominican University’s intramural soccer has proven to be a huge success since it was launched last semester,” Czerech said. “Intramural soccer gives us an opportunity to socialize, bond and build school spirit.”

Aguayo states he is grateful and honored for the positive responses he has been receiving from students. He feels hard work pays off from listening to the people that helped him get to where he is now.

“I take it seriously when people put this trust in me to be in a position like the one I am in, and when people notice work is getting done, it feels good,” Aguayo said.

While Aguayo will remain in the same SGA seat as last year, the rest of the Executive Board consists of new members. New officers include sophomore Spencer Clark as vice president, sophomore Karen Lopez for secretary, sophomore Azucena Bahena as treasurer and junior Nancy Guzman as student trustee.

Despite initially doubting herself before the elections, Lopez was excited when she found out she was elected to serve as the new SGA secretary.  

“I felt excited and honored,” Lopez said. “I truly didn’t believe I would win the position since I knew how competitive student government is. I definitely put in a lot of time, effort and work when campaigning.”

Lopez believes she is ready to accept all the new challenges that will come with SGA.

“I am looking forward to working with Student Government Association to continue making progress regarding topics and issues that are of true concern to the student body. I wouldn’t change anything about student government thus far.”

Overall, Aguayo has high hopes for the new SGA Executive Board.

“I am really looking forward to working with all of them for the new school year,” Aguayo added.