DU looks to make renovations, add new technology to classrooms for fall 2014

By Cory Lesniak

April 16, 2014

While students take some well-deserved time off during their summer vacations, Dominican plans to stay as busy as ever during the summer months.

Many changes are slated to come to Dominican just in time for the start of the fall semester, including renovations to classrooms, infrastructure and the campus’ troubled parking system.

Over the last few years, Dominican has battled issue after issue with the lack of parking spaces on campus, forcing the university to make emergency accommodations including creating temporary parking spots filled with gravel. Just last week, Dominican straightened the parking bumpers on the west lot to enhance parking spaces and make the lot appear organized.

This summer, the temporary spaces created this spring are slated to become permanent, as plans are in place to pave the gravel lots to create a larger west lot.

The administration reports that the grotto restoration will also be completed this summer, with final parkway paving completed as well as aesthetic gardening and a brand new water feature for the grotto bringing the project together.

The pavement near the circle drive in front of Lewis Hall will be revamped and a handicap accessible ramp will be added for easier access to Lewis.

The east entrance of Power Hall is also getting an upgrade, with the construction of a new covered path from the east entrance of Power to the Coughlin Commons. The entrance as it exists now is normally closed during the winter months due to slippery conditions. The path will be covered all year long, with overhead fixtures added to the top of the roof creating a tunnel-like walkway for students.

Incoming freshmen in the fall can look forward to a newly renovated second floor of Coughlin Hall, a project that will be completed during the summer just as the first floor was completed last summer. The second floor will be renovated with new flooring, new dorm furniture, modern bathrooms and paint to address the aging appearance of the residence hall.

The Lund Auditorium will also see some changes made to their lighting and control systems as well as renovations to the old elevator.

“[The elevator will have] the same look inside, but everything about it is new, the mechanics and all,” Daniel Bulow, director of Buildings and Grounds, said.

At the Priory, a new roof will be installed by south end of the building where the auditorium and dining room is located and the playground at the Goedert Center will also be getting an update.

“We will be replacing the Goedert Center playground to meet current code,” Bulow added.

Aside from updated infrastructure on campus, there will be an introduction of new technology to classrooms, with many rooms in Lewis receiving enhanced computer equipment.

“All of Lewis rooms will have display and instructor stations,” Jill Albin-Hill, vice president of Information Technology, said.

The administration says any campus renovations will be scheduled around summer courses and activities so that those events will not be disrupted.