Letter to the Editors, Oct. 2

I want to go on record about how dismayed I am with the recent article on freshman enrollment in our newspaper. When I stepped into the office Saturday morning and read the article from the paper Glenn [Hamilton, assistant vice president for undergraduate enrollment] left for me, it was like being in the Twilight Zone. I had to look at the front cover to make sure it was actually our paper.


Besides getting my name wrong, I am flabbergasted with the extent of inaccuracies of information and quotes in the article. I met with the reporter and we listened to the recording she made of her interview with me. The recording confirmed the numerous inaccuracies and completely made up quotes in the article.



There were complete interview summaries and quotes attributed to me that I never said, such as the reporter summarizing, “Samson explained that although there was an increase in the student body, it did not fully accommodate Dominican’s budget.” I never said anything like this. One quote included, “There’s a budget committee that meets and discusses how much they can spend.” Again, this is a complete fabrication, and it doesn’t make much sense.



The article also included completely wrong figures and terms used in quotes attributed to me. One such quote included, “For the upcoming year, my average guess of accepted freshmen would come out to be a little over 415.” What I said really said was that for the upcoming year, my prediction for enrolled students based on a three-year freshman enrollment average would be around 450 students.



In the interview, I mentioned a slight decrease in out-of-state enrollment, which was incorrectly written, with the reporter saying the admission board also noted a tremendous decrease in out-of-state students. There is no admission board, and this is followed by more erroneous information from this imaginary admission board.


Jon Tomaso


Director of Freshmen Admission, Dominican University