Letter to the Editor

November  3, 2015

This letter is in response to the editorial in the October 20 issue of the Dominican Star. On October 6, in coordination with the Dominican University Emergency Response Team, Dominican performed a test of its emergency notification system, not an active shooter drill. Buildings with public address systems and the emergency notification texting system were utilized. The testing of this equipment and these systems was successful.

It was suggested that faculty and staff use that time during class to discuss what would happen in the case of an active shooter. Such participation was “situational and voluntary.” Research material on possible actions plans was shared with faculty, staff and administrators to help shape and inform those discussions, if the decision was made to have those dialogues.

Dominican University is empaneling a task force to plan an active shooter drill, in cooperation with the River Forest police and fire departments, for the spring 2016 semester. The task force, which will have broad representation from the Dominican University community, will review the great information provided in the exercise feedback survey, to which 175 people participated, including 65 students.  


Robert Babcock, Chair, Emergency Response Team