Letter to the Editor, April 17

The Brennan School of Business unsupportive of my career

By Emmanuel Izaguirre

April 17, 2013

I have been working for an industry-leading technology firm for some time now. They recently offered me a position in Brazil as a Real Estate Manager. This wonderful opportunity will not only help me within the firm, but also helping me to reach my future goals and give me valuable experiences.

When the firm offered me the position, they put forward the condition that I had to obtain my MBA by the end of the calendar year. My only obstacle in completing my MBA by that time is the capstone course I need to take, which is required to obtain my MBA. At the beginning of the upcoming fall, I will only need a prerequisite course to be allowed to take the capstone course.

I approached the Assistant Dean of the Brennan School of Business, Matthew Quilty, to ask how the school can assist me with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Without probing, Quilty immediately said that it was not possible to take the capstone course and a prerequisite concurrently, and stated that there is a reason why perquisites exist. He continued to say that if I were allowed to do this, it would put inconsistencies in their accreditation process.

Mr. Quilty then proceeded to tell me that I should write him a letter stating my case. When he told me this, he said most likely he was not going to approve such a request because I might drop out of the program if such request was not fulfilled. Quilty’s statement was phrased in a condescending way. He then said that he was going to let me know a response by the end of the semester, which at the time of the meeting was four weeks away.

What bothers me the most about this situation was the matter in which I was treated. The three times I have attempted to get help from the administration resulted in me being treated in a condescending matter. Also, the fact that a classmate of mine is currently taking the capstone course without having fulfilled all the prerequisites is frustrating.

I decided to attend the Brennan School of Business because of my experience with the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences. However, this business school experience has left me with a sour taste of the institution. I would have liked if more options were given; a mere attempt would have been better than nothing.

For those undergrads thinking about doing the five year program, I highly advise against it because your experience in the undergrad level will be very different than that of the graduate level. In the undergraduate level, when I needed help, I was helped. I was given options as opposed to being shut down. The advisors wanted to work with me and not against me. I never experienced an excessive amount of push back.

I am highly disappointed with the Brennan School of Business. It has influenced me to cut all connections with the school and not use my position within my firm to offer internships to Dominican students. I’m so disappointed that I don’t even want to mention that I am from Dominican University at my upcoming Ted Talk on May 4.

I chose the Brennan School of Business because I believed they were looking out for the interest of their students, but now I regret ever considering and attending the Brennan School of Business. It is no wonder why the graduate enrollment numbers have been down lately.