Letter to the Editor, Jan. 30

Women’s Basketball resilient through tough times

January 30, 2013

By Cynthia Larios

Thank you Dominican Star for including the Women’s Basketball Team in your sports section. Indeed, the team is still winless and since your article was published the team is now 0-20. However, despite their record, this season has not been a complete “disaster” for the team. In fact, this season has been a year of resiliency for the stars.

After former head coach Mike Lane decided to take an assistant coaching position at a Division 1 school the girls were absolutely devastated. The man who led this group of young women to two consecutive division titles walked away from this team. In addition, three seniors hung up their jerseys and three underclassmen chose not to return. Since the season has begun two more girls have turned in their practice gear.

The caption under the lovely photo that was printed read, “DU women try to stay unified. . .” At this point all of those individuals that chose not to return were gone. Therefore, the group of women pictured are not merely trying to stay together, they have remained tougher, stronger, and together despite all odds. 0-18 would be a difficult burden for any team to carry on their shoulders, but even more so when so many people have walked out on this team. This is by no means any excuse for the outcomes of their games, but maybe you should have mentioned in your article that only nine young ladies are left on the roster battling injuries and the adversity that they have been dealt.

Let it be clear that these facts are not to be confused with excuses for the team’s record. These women do not allow any room for excuses. Instead of apathy, these women have exhibited character and have taken every loss with graciousness in pursuit of their first win Coach Johnson has kept the girls standing tall despite the circumstances surrounding this season. As Laura Knieps said, “This is the time when we need the support of the entire university. We are going through a rough patch, but any support we get will boost our confidence.” The next five games will be critical in determining the outcome of this season. With that said, three out of those seven games will be at home. See you there!

Go Stars,

Cynthia Larios