Letter to the Editor, Feb. 13

Call to Action: Love ALL Life

By Missy Budz

February 13, 2013

January 22 comes and goes each year and seems like a day similar to any other.  Whether recognized or not, January 22 is the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton, Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion in the United States. Maybe you forgot about this day or never heard of it before. Maybe you stopped and said an extra prayer for the over 55 million lives lost since 1973 or maybe you heralded the day as a victory for women’s rights. But no matter what you did on January 22, I am asking you now to take a second and think about it.

I have been against abortion ever since I was old enough to understand what it is. We are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore every human being has worth, dignity, and deserves a chance at life. But until recently I have been too afraid or worried about hurting people’s feelings to talk much about it or to do something about it. I was worried about looking like that “crazy” pro-life girl who talks about abortion all the time.  But now I am proud to be that girl who is finally taking a stand and speaking out against this silent holocaust that has been taking place in our nation. I want to know that I have done everything possible to stop this and I am challenging you to do the same. I was caught up in the luke warm attitude of our society and the relativism that has invaded our way of thinking. But especially as a Dominican school, we need to begin living our two mottos of Caritas et Veritas-Love and Truth. The truth is that life is being devalued in our society and only with love are we going to change minds and hearts to see this as well. We need to love the unborn as well as women and support them when they are in crisis pregnancy situations.

When my mom found out that she was pregnant with triplets in 1991, her doctor recommended that she, “reduce her pregnancy.”  Her own life was in danger and it was likely that some or all of us were either not going to make it to birth or were going to be born with some kind of disability. With a two-year-old daughter already at home, it would have been much easier to have one more child instead of three. But alone in that doctor’s office, young and afraid, my mom made a brave choice that I will be forever grateful for. She walked out and found a new doctor who was willing help all three of her babies survive. She trusted in God’s plan for her pregnancy knowing that she had three beautiful children inside of her and abortion was not an option. On March 5t, 1992 my two siblings and I were born premature but healthy, despite that first doctor’s opinion.

Because of her courage and love, my mom is one of my greatest heroes and this is why I believe all moms should be our heroes. Our mothers (and fathers as well) have given us the greatest gift we will ever receive, our lives. My dad’s support and that of so many others who provided things like free diapers, clothes, and babysitting helped my family tremendously in the first few years after we were born. This semester at Dominican we have the opportunity to give this same kind of help to women in need so that they know there are better options than abortion. Our pro-life group on campus, Stars for Life, is sponsoring The Baby Bottle Project to benefit Aid for Women and Heather’s House.  It is a simple fundraiser; you sign up to receive an empty baby bottle and fill it with a donation or your spare change during the week. More information will be coming soon, but I am encouraging everyone to take part in this fundraiser. You can learn more about Aid for Women by visiting www.helpaidforwomen.org.

You may feel uncomfortable, angry, or upset while reading this article and I don’t blame you. Abortion is not a comfortable topic. But that does not mean that we can pretend it doesn’t exist, that it is a private issue, or a decision for a woman to choose for herself.  According to the Guttmacher Institute, every day that we continue to be silent, over 3,300 children are lost to abortion, every single day. That number is almost too difficult to grasp. If we choose not to think about it, the death and the hurt are still not going to go away. If you were born after January 22nd, 1973 you have survived Roe vs. Wade. But sadly, one-third of our generation has not. These people could have been are our brothers, sisters, friends, cousins, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. Of course we cannot forget the harmful effects that abortion has on women and their families. It is vital that we pray for and support women who may be struggling with a past abortion.

For those who are already pro-life: I want to challenge you to speak out and become more active in the pro-life movement. A great way to do this is to consider joining the pro-life group on campus, Stars for Life.  No matter what you may hear, things are changing and you are not alone in your opinion. Do not be afraid to talk about abortion or to express your disapproval of it. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, pastor and theologian once stated, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.”  If you know that every abortion ends a human life, do not fall for the lie that you cannot share this fact or encourage women to continue their pregnancies. Your efforts will change and save lives. And every life matters.

For those who currently support abortion: I am asking you to reflect on why. When does human life begin?  If we are not human beings at the moment of conception, with our own unique human genetic code, then what are we? If it is not at conception, when does a person become a person? As a woman, of course I understand the importance of women’s rights and equality in our society. But abortion does not help women. A study by Medical Science Monitor found in 2003 that women who have had an abortion were 65% more likely to be at risk for long-term clinical depression. A University of Minnesota study found that teenagers who have had an abortion are ten times more likely to attempt suicide than teens that have not had an abortion. Also, links between abortion and breast cancer are becoming more well-known and observed in studies. For example, a study by Dr. Janet Daling at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that abortion increased a women’s risk of developing breast cancer by 50%. So in addition to ending the life of a child, abortion causes indescribable physical and emotional hurt to the mother and in actuality degrades authentic femininity.

To our entire Dominican community: We can no longer be silent. We will no longer be silent. Stand up, be courageous, and become a voice for those who have no voice in our society. We need to pray for an end to abortion and proclaim the dignity of all human life, especially of those in the womb. Become an unashamed abortion abolitionist and help bring an end to one of the greatest assaults on human life in history. It’s going to end; it’s just a matter of time. And for the sake of all the unborn children and their parents, I pray that it will happen soon.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Stars for Life, visit facebook.com/DUStarsforLife or email stars4forlife@dom.edu.

-Missy Budz