Letter to the Editor, April 3

A New Generation of Leaders
By Marco Rodriguez

April 3, 2013

When I ran for student government senator my freshman year, I was ambitious to get involved. Unfortunately, some of my freshman peers did not feel the same way. I wanted to do everything from being at every meeting, helping with programming, and overall just being active. I wanted to be everywhere.

And now I see this same drive from the freshman class this year. They are extremely motivated and dedicated – even more than any of the other freshman classes that I have encountered during my four years. The freshmen have found ways to become very active during their short time here at Dominican. Just to give a few examples, the freshmen were the first to fill their Senate seats on SGA and they had a strong presence when the Director of Dining Services offered to have monthly meetings (about 13 of the 15 in attendance were freshman.) Most notably, three of the five SGA executive board members for next year are currently freshman. This shows commitment and ambition like no other previous freshman class.

When I see the freshman, I see how they interact with one another and build community. When I walk through the Coughlin Commons, I see the freshman playing pool with another. I see how they take advantage of almost every opportunity to get involved – and that will be essential to making the next three years a very memorable experience. I don’t know what it is that motivates them to be very involved, but I like it!

With a new generation of leaders, we can only expect great things to happen. My best wishes to the freshmen class!

Marco Rodriguez
SGA President