Letter to the Editor, April 3

Students of Dominican, Unite and Wake up

By: Stuyvesant Peabody IV

April 3, 2013

Dominican University in one of the most liberal institutions that I have ever been to in every aspect.  From the professors, who speak against the Republicans like they are all evil, along with thinking that any aspect of conservative minded people is wrong.  It is very good, that we are a liberal freethinking school, but where are the people who stand up for some sort of values? But when I say this, I feel like an evil Republican, which I pretend to align with and am seen as a “joke” in this university.

Also, Chartwells food is ok, but sometimes they need to be open more.  What about the Cyber being closed at a 11?! Come on.  Do not get me started on the library, which should be opened 24/7, because people would stay here and study if it was opened all night.  Also the idea of losing money is sad, especially when the benefit dinner gets nice catered food!  Also in terms of the spring class schedule, there should be more classes offered for students, instead I am only taking two classes that seem interesting.

As this year ends, Dominican is a college, which I see as one of the greatest experiences that I have had. I am a proud to be a member of this community, but things can improve.  I know the critics, the lovers, the haters of this great institution and have to say there is a lot to improve on, on things that I cannot even mention.  But I hope I can make some changes next year and well we can work together, to make this institution a college meant for the students!

P.S. we are in a good directing they opened the mini-quad door, after a million years!

-Stuyvesant Peabody IV

Vice President of RSA

Junior Senator