Fashion Focus: A Star With Style Men’s Fall Trends, featuring David McCullough

By Lauren Pinkston

September 18, 2013

Say goodbye to tank tops, sandals and shorts and hello to statement scarves, camouflage print, burgundy garments, black leather, plaid print, cuffed pants and backpacks.

As a new season approaches, so do new trends for the fall. According to Details Magazine, these are the hottest men’s fashion trends for fall 2013: Bold scarves will tie an outfit together and all variations of camouflage print will dress it up. Burgundy colors will be represented in accessories, such as shows, scarves, coats and bags.

Leather will continue to take a prominent role in fall fashion, along with plaid print in a wide range of garments. Cuffed pants draw attention to footwear, while backpacks display functionality and personal style. Senior David McCullough shares how he incorporates these trends into his personal style as summer transitions to fall.

Describe your personal style.

“My personal style is a mix between urban and formal; dressed up, but casual. I like to use the phrase, “sneaker chic,” which means you’re dressed formal with half of your outfit and casual with the other half. I like to wear a nice dressy shirt with casual pants and sneakers or high tops. I also try to use bold prints or colors in everything I wear.”

What’s the key to transitioning your style from summer to fall?

“The key to transitioning your style is layering and also darkening your colors. As fall comes, the colors you wear should get warmer and darker versions of the colors that you like. Bright colors are for summer.”

Who’s your favorite designer?

“Android Homme, Ozwald Boateng, and Burberry.”

What’s your favorite fall 2013 fashion trend?

“My top three are statement scarves, camo and black leather. I have a lot of plain scarves, but I like to work into more patterns and colors. I like camo print, especially different colored camos, besides military greens. Black leather always feels good, classic and sleek. You can’t go wrong.”

Where’s your favorite place to shop for fall clothes?

“I shop at H&M for basics and layering and Forever21 Men for outerwear and trendy pieces. Zara is also good for outerwear and Target has great socks with patterns.”

Describe your “go-to” fall outfit?

“A nice slim fit pant or jean, a dress shirt in a neutral color, a vibrant tie, a statement jacket in leather or a blazer and sneakers.”

What factors do you consider when purchasing clothes?

Price, comfort and especially wardrobe compatibility, if the garment fits in with the stuff I already have.