Tips and tools for graduation

By Sheila Collins 

For many students, this last month is crucial not only because of finals but because of graduation. Graduation means it’s time to start looking for a job, which can add extra stress to an already stressful class load. Just remember to breathe and relax. Everything will be fine. Graduating after the holidays can be hard, because many companies are not hiring, however this will give you plenty of time to think about what and where you want to be.

Dominican alumnus Michael Fair said: “Take the time to create a professional looking LinkedIn page. It certainly helps create connections and takes little effort that can pay huge dividends.” Fair also recommended getting help from Career Services. “This is a huge one, find a mentor that has connections and is knowledgeable in the field you are looking.” Fair said.

Sometimes, students forget the services that are available on campus. The folks in the Office of Career Development can help you search for a job or internship, write a professional resume and cover letter, give you interview practice and much more. If you’re completely lost, they can even help you take a test that identifies your strengths and passions and determine which career path suits you.

LinkedIn is always a good place to start. This website helps prospective employers identify students with certain skills and it facilitates instant connections that often turn into internships or jobs. When you are done setting up your LinkedIn account, really take the time to familiarize yourself with it and see what organizations you like (the Office of Career Development can help with this, too). You can upload your resume, customize your skills and indicate what you are looking for. Connect with as many people as you can on LinkedIn—this helps broaden your network.

Just always remember to take deep breaths and think positively. You’ll go far in life!




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