Recycling At Dominican

March 1, 2016

By Joannah Rivera

Thanks to the Eco Club’s provision of bins in an effort to create a more sustainable campus, there has been a greater awareness in terms of recycling and composting.

“The idea came from big universities,” said Andrea Hinojosa, president of the Eco Club. “Within each classroom they would have a trash can as well as a blue recycling bin and, in dining areas, there would be a compost bin.”

The Eco Club has been providing events on campus with three bins: a recycling bin, compost bin and a waste bin.

“It’s hard to get people to participate,” Hinojosa said. “We don’t know if people would follow instructions, especially since the compost bin is so easy to contaminate. This is kind of a trial run.”

The bins have been at the Thanksgiving dinner, Late Night Breakfast, the Caritas Veritas Symposium, DU Fest, Resolution and many others.

Eco Club Advisor, Mary Sadofsky, points out that everyone can help create a sustainable campus.

“Not only are they available to student organizations, they are available to the Dominican community at large,” Sadofsky said.

Last year, the Eco Club was working with DU’s previous dining service vendor, Chartwells, to reach this goal of sustainability. Now, since Dominican has switched to a new vendor, the Eco Club hopes to develop a similar relationship with them.

“We were already in the process of starting more sustainability within the dining services,” Hinojosa said. “It worked in our favor because Chartwells had the same goal.”

For example, Pepsi, our beverage supplier, has a compostable cup.

“The main part is just asking them and letting them know that it is something that is already available to us,” Hinojosa said.

Ultimately, their plans rely on the bins.

“They are a trial run to show that our campus can be more sustainable,” Hinojosa said. “The end result would be to have stationary bins but this is something that would be hard to maintain. Since these bins are open there would have to be someone there making sure that they are not contaminated.”

The Eco Club also works with Dominican’s Sustainability Department and Maintenance Department.