Welcome To Recipe Box Service

February 16, 2016

By Jenny Schmidt

Recipe Box Service, also known as Quantity Food Production and Services class, enables students to utilize their knowledge of nutrition to begin managing food and nutrition services, purchasing food and utility products for upcoming services, cooking three course meals and servicing the public with fine dining skills.

This class is taught by Professor Carrie Slezak and Chef Ron Geiger, both of which have professional experience in the food service industry. Students form teams to apply their three course meal menus, made in Nutrition Purchasing class, to the Recipe Box Service scene so that they can get direct and practical experience in the food service environment.

Each week, students rotate job responsibilities to acquire an understanding on how each food service position contributes to the overall setting and success of the food service facility.

Job responsibilities include being a cook for all three course meals, preparing beverages, acting as an liaison between the front and back of the house, serving the public in the dining room area as waiters or waitresses, greeting and seating the public as a host, washing dishes in the dish room, marketing for the upcoming recipe boxes and acting in a managerial position.

When it comes to taking on managerial roles, one student acts as the sous chef by planning and directing food preparation, while the other student functions as the dining service manager by overseeing the presentation and services of the dining room area. As a team, the pair works to promote the theme and quality of their menu through accurate back and front of the house preparation methods, superior dining room service and customer service techniques.

Each week’s menu has a different theme that is based on various cultural and dietary influences. For example, the theme for the Recipe Box Service that took place on Feb. 11 was the Taste of Athens, while the following week’s theme will be Up Scale Vegan.

Recipe Box menus for the entire semester are found throughout Dominican’s campus and in Parmer in front of the nutrition department. Reservations should be made no later than the Monday before the dinner at 5 p.m. and can be made by calling 708-524-6690 or by emailing one of the professors at recipeboxcafe@dom.edu.

Making reservations before the time of the lunch is important, due to limited seating and pre-planning methods. Lunch service for spring semester of 2016 begins at 11:30 a.m. and ends at around 12:45 p.m. every Thursday in the Parmer Atrium.

The cost per person is $10 dollars but Dominican students are able to participate for $5. Costs include the three course meal and choice of beverages including coffee, decaf coffee, hot tea, iced tea or water. Students and/or guests can park near Parmer or in the parking garage across from Parmer.

At the end of each service, guests are able to complete an evaluation form to assess and analyze the environmental setting, food and service. Come support and observe the students and their menus on a Thursday this spring semester. If you are unable to come this semester, dinner will be served in the fall!