Lost and Found

By Emily Lapinski

Whether you forget your phone in the bathroom stall or leave your I.D. in Cyber, you can always head to the security office and hope that someone has turned in your lost items.

The lost and found, simply a few drawers and cabinets, houses items lost by students and faculty on campus.

Security Office Operations and Compliance Officer Joel Nayder comes in contact with lost items on a daily basis.

“Items are usually turned into security every day,” said Nayder. ”It depends on the day, but I think the most we’ve seen come in would be around 24 items.”

When an item is turned in, it is put away and kept safe until someone comes to claim it. Items that are not claimed a month after being turned are donated, recycled, or destroyed.

“Any items put off for donation are given to Sister Melissa who delivers them to the Salvation Army,” said Nayder.

The lost and found is an invaluable source for those of us on campus that have a tendency of misplacing items on a regular basis.

Sophomore Monica Tamrazi has been to the security office a few times to claim misplaced items.

“Going to the lost and found was helpful when I lost my I.D.,” said Tamrazi. “However, when I lost my grey sweater there was a bit of a misunderstanding. The girl behind the counter was extremely nice and cooperative but kept showing me sweatshirts that had been lost when I was looking for a sweater. It all turned out ok.”