Fashion Focus: 90s influence

By Natalie Rodriguez

From Britney Spears to Nirvana to Clueless, the 90s have influenced us in more ways than one. We shouldn’t be surprised to see familiar trends pop up in our favorite stores. Recently, there has been a reemergence of these trends.

Some of these trends we would like to forget more than others. Do not worry, body glitter, frosted tips and crimped hair will not be making a comeback anytime soon. Those memories should stay in the closet where they belong. However, crop tops and overalls did manage to resurface. This includes furry crop sweaters that can be worn in the cold winter weather.

For an early 90s look, one can never go wrong with grunge. The return of the flannel shirt over a cropped tee is a staple as well as acid-washed jeans. Combat boots complete the outfit, especially if original Dr. Martens are worn. Another popular look is the floral baby doll dress, which is perfect for the spring weather we hope is just around the corner. They can be dressed up or down and if you want a true 90s look, you would need to wear it over a white T-shirt.

Daisy patterns seen in the 90s can be appreciated on various clothing items today. In the jewelry department, chokers have made a comeback but with a modern twist of heavy metals and gems. In regards to makeup, dark lip shades were very popular in the mid-90s. They have been so popular this season that many stores have sold out. If you’re bold and want to go for a vampy look, try dark wine and purple shades. Although wearing a darker lip liner than your lip color was popular in the 90s, you want to make sure it matches your lip color today.