Man on the Street: Sr. Jane Boland and Angela Frazier Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

December 5, 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, time to stuff our faces and get our hands on long desired goodies! As 2012 ends, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, allowing our Dominican staff to get excited about their favorite holiday traditions.

Our dearest Sr. Jane Boland, who is the administrative assistant in Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, is looking forward to one of her favorite holiday traditions: homemade pecan pie.

“My family and I have homemade pecan pie at the end of a festive dinner for each holiday, which are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.” Sr. Jane presumes that this tradition started on her mother’s side since she is the one who used to make it. “My sisters and brother are the ones that make the pie now and they are equally delicious,” Boland said.

One of Dominican’s beloved academic advisors, Angela Frazier, opts for a different holiday tradition, which she has been doing for 15 years: Black Friday.

“I love it!” Frazier said. “I buy two newspapers and lay out a plan for the day on Thanksgiving, then I determine where I go.” Frazier mentions that depending on the year, she will set a specific budget; this year it was $500. “I get up at 2 a.m., layer on clothes, and I don’t carry a purse,” said Frazier. Once all of her shopping is done around 7:30-8a.m., she gets breakfast, goes home and catches up on sleep. This is a day that Frazier truly enjoys. Her tradition has even rubbed off on her son. In fact, she is so devoted to this tradition that, no matter where she is, she wants to do her Black Friday shopping. “One year I went on a cruise for Thanksgiving and I was so mad because I couldn’t do my Black Friday tradition,” she says. This year, however, she had nothing to worry about. She enjoyed her Black Friday as usual!

Sounds like these beloved Dominican faculty members will have a wonderful holiday; and I hope you enjoy your holiday traditions and holiday season just as much!