Man on the street: Biggest fear

By: Erica Weiszmann

October 31, 2012


Axel  Vargas-Irlanda, Freshman

Biggest fears: spiders and heights

Quotes: “When I was in Puerto Rico, I was bit by a huge tarantula on my neck.”

“Every time I’m very high up, I see my life flash before my eyes.”


Kendra Del Toro, Freshman

Biggest fears: rollercoasters and bugs in direct contact with me

Quotes: “When I was five, my parents forced me to go on this octopus ride, and I got sick after.  Ever since then I have had anxiety at amusement parks.”

“My great grandma once had cockroaches in her bathroom, and they touched my feet.”


Patrik Lanzhotsky, Junior

Biggest fear: Mitt Romney becoming president

Quote: “Romney doesn’t like immigrants and won’t support them, and that affects me first hand.”